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Physicians need information quickly and concisely. That’s what PhydBack® (pronounced “feedback”) has been doing for 30+ years. Using a multichannel approach, we synthesize existing product or service information, adapt it to our methodology, and disseminate it using the PhydBack brand. This approach engages physicians in a two-way information exchange that can last 1 to 4 minutes. Then, we share cumulative responses in a

peer-to-peer summary that reinforces the product or service message.  


Consumers and patients are overwhelmed with information every day. HealthCheck® cuts through that “noise” using traditional channels of communication which have resulted in strong engagement rates! HealthCheck educates consumers and patients about healthcare products, medical conditions or health-related services using a proven methodology that works time and time, again.   


Physicians are not the only healthcare professionals responsible for prescribing. Dialogue® Programs are designed to engage Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Directors, Nurses, and Dentists in an environment that communicates information quickly and concisely. With their own unique identity, Dialogue Programs use a time-tested methodology that works.


What if physicians and healthcare professionals had greater patient insights? 

Patients’ Opinion Poll®(POP) is a multi-faceted marketing research program that gathers information from patients and/or caregivers. Then, POP provides those findings back to physicians and healthcare professionals. This approach provides numerous opportunities for discussion because the findings are shared by local sales representatives.